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You are about to discover how you can have that perfect smile you always dreamed of. Dr. Alen Gharibian emphasizes cosmetic dentistry paying extra attention to preventive and restorative dentistry. In his innovative practice, he provides quality dental work by utilizing all the advanced tools and technologies used in modern dentistry.

Dr. Gharibian’s goal is to improve every patient’s smile. You can trust Dr. Gharibian to help you look and feel your best.

We are located at 16819 Hawthorne Blvd Lawndale, CA 90260. Our office number is: (310) 921 – 3938.


General Dentistry/Implantology

About Oral Cancer


“Free” Oral Cancer Screening a $99 Value!

How many little sores do we find in our mouths? Dozens? Hundres? More? Most of the time we ignore them, and they simply go away.But sometimes our mouths keep secrets. That’s why we use the VELscope Vx Enchanced Oral Assessment system.
The VELscope VX helps Us :
  • Improve our assessment of your overall oral health
  • Ensure that the delicate tissues of your mouth are healthy
  • Protect you from oral disease, including oral cancer.

OCF Michael Douglas PSA

Actor and producer Michael Douglas has donated his time to help create a television public service announcement (PSA) on behalf of the Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those affected by the disease.

Velscope – Oral Cancer Screening – Dr. Oz

Discovering soft tissue abnormalities is particularly important in the fight against oral cancer. Because the VELscope Vx assists in early detection, cancer can be caught before it has time to spread, potentially saving lives through less invasive, more effective treatment.

About Gum Disease

This video describes Periodontal Disease (also known as periodontitis or gum disease) and the treatments used by dental professionals.
Gum Disease has been linked to serious chronic conditions such as:
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Oral, Head and Neck Cancer
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Pancreatic and Liver Cancer
  • Pregnancy Complications
  • Osteopenia
  • Arthritis


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Reviews and Testimonials

Andy Lopez
7/16/2014 on Yelp

Dr. Gharibian did my veneers. The veneers look so natural and I am very happy with the results.

Aaron Fleischer
6/10/2014 on Yelp

I started going to Dr. Gharibian because he is a USC alumni like me. I made the best choice. He is the best dentist and my whole family now goes to him. Fight on!!!

Your Satisfaction And Comfort Is Our Priority!

Dr. Gharibian is a highly trained and experienced professional leading a team of caring staff who are well trained in the field of dentistry. Dr. Gharibian is one of the leading dentists in the Redondo Beach area specializing in cosmetic, reconstructive, and general dentistry. With over 19 years of experience, you can rest assure you are in good hands. Take a moment to read the testimonials patients left after their visit at Dental Center of Redondo Beach.

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